Maybe is not the right order to start the photography section of my website but it happened this event at Cafe Obscura and this must go online!

So, here are some thing about Cafe Obscura…If you live in the Netherlands maybe you already know them, they do their shows in Dutch but this time they had an English special guest and I thought is a good opportunity to get to know both.


Which image makers do you need for a great image? It all starts with the image maker and the people he needs to create the image. Then the equipment that will make and help make the image. Without knowledge, there is usually no good picture, so a proper basic knowledge for image making is necessary. And where is the image made? The location certainly also determines the atmosphere of the image. To ultimately use software to the image to make the perfect image that the image maker has in his mind. For himself or for his clients.


Cafe Obscura is a place for getting to know image makers both online and offline, like photographers, photoshoppers, models, makeup artist, stylists, stores and other photo friends. In addition to meet image makers, you can also get a lot of knowledge that different image makers will share with you. And the various image makers you can use for it. This through online workshops that you can follow on this website, as well as workshops offered to you in the area on location. With all image makers, we want to build a great café like community were you meet, learn and share. With a lot of visual footage and real valuable information!


Every Friday we do a live show with some image makers at the table in my studio in Delft or sometimes on locations. The show let you see the people behind the images as the bring there portfolio with them to discuss. Through the live chat people can ask questions directly to the image makers in the show. So there is a nice interaction with them. In September we gonna ad live demo’s as well where we demonstrate image making live to people.


So, this is them, if you watch the show you will get to know Guy and what he does.

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