Ingrid cooks and eats vegan ut what is more important she likes cooking with people, sharing experiences. So what could I do better than photo-document this experience?

We cooked from Marie Laforêt’s book, “Vegan” Tofu burgers with carrots.

For 2 burgers:

125 g. firm tofu

50 g. of grated carrots

a pinch of grounded cumin

1 tea spoon of chopper coriander

half tea spoon of grounded coriander

20 g. of corn flour

1 table spoon of arrow-root 

1 table spoon of plant-based milk

salt, pepper, olive oil

In the blender, mix the crumbled tofu and the carrots and blend just a little so there will be some pieces left transfer it to a big bowl and add the cumin, the chopped and the grounded coriander and mix

-> add the flour and the arrow-root and mix

-> add the milk, the salt and the pepper and mix for a while with both hands

-> create 2 balls and flatten slowly between the hands until it forms 2 burgers

-> cook them in a frying pan over an open fire, with a little bit of olive oil, a few minutes on both sides so they will be fried properly.

You should definitely add some potatoes, healthy baked chips after you moist them in oil and some spices of your preference.

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